Join JETA in Wearing Blue on December 9th!

Why wear blue on Monday?

If nothing else, it is a show of unity.  If you have been following the news with regards to the Regents’ Reform Agenda and the series of forums that have been held across the state you should understand.  One such forum was held in Fayetteville on Tuesday, December 3rd.  What the commissioner, the Regents and our area legislators are hearing is a consistent message over and over.  That the rushed implementation of the common core standards has been ill-advised and has wreaked havoc among our students and educators.  The standards were rolled out with little or no resources provided by the state until after the first set of assessments reflecting the standards appeared last April.  The message has been clear and consistent from NYSUT in asking for SED to slow down and provide some mid-course corrections to our current path.  Essential in that request is the enactment of a 3 year moratorium on the use of assessments for high stakes consequences for students and teachers.  Let’s take the time to do something right for a change instead of doing it to say we “got it done”!

It was apparent from Tuesday’s forum that these calls continue to fall upon deaf ears.  The commissioner and our area Regent have been consistent in their message that they are committed to the current course of actions.  We will continue to meet and press the commissioner, the Regents and our legislators with regards to this agenda.

Can you wear blue on Monday, December 9th as a show of support?  This is a day of action nationally supported by the AFT, the NEA and our state organization, NYSUT.  We hope to take some pictures and post them on our website to show our support for what is our cause!

Thank you!

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