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Contract ideas

Can we see how many more teachers are coaching and work towards improving the compensation? Those salaries have been frozen for three years. Also, I feel administration keeps giving teachers more responsibilities that have less to do with teaching and more to do with administering the education of our students (I.e. teachers told to triangulate data to determine ais services, special Ed teachers asked to track teaching assistant training, teachers spearheading parent portals, STAR assessments, and so on). And can we discuss the need for more conducive communication? Call me “old school”, but we need to be addressed as the faculty, not the staff. And faculty meetings need to be led by administration to address issues/problems/concerns yet they have turned into faculty members presenting dog and pony shows about instructional strategies we are all capable of researching and implementing individually. Moreover face to face communication is the key … Millions of emails just isn’t cutting it. I only have a few years left and I want to make them my best, but hard when you don’t even know your fellow colleagues and administration except through emails…

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