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I requested WHAT?

A note to everybody–

I set up a site feature called “Subscriptions” that will send an e-mail to you when a new post is published on the site. It sent an e-mail to you saying you had requested access to the feature–even though it was me who put your name in. You need to enable it by clicking the link in the e-mail. You can unsubscribe at any time, but I hope you don’t.

I hope to get everybody to sign up for it. Part of the problem last year was that we didn’t have an effective way of letting you know when there were new articles on the site. Therefore, people didn’t read them, make comments, and therefore, we didn’t write new articles on the site. Hopefully this year we break that cycle!

New members will be getting logons as soon as I get their names from the DO…

I am still recruiting photojournalists from Elbridge!!!! The pay is lousy and there are very few benefits!

–Dave Sipley

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