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What is JETA dot BIZ?

Hey everybody–

Welcome to

We’re trying to take the old JETA newsletter and put it up online so that we can get material out to you more quickly and get more feedback from you than we’ve been able to do in the past.

I’m going to try and anticipate some questions.

Why a blog? Isn’t that 2003ish? –Because it is highly customizable and will allow for Building Reps to host sections for individual schools, for us to reach out to the community, and to help us stay in touch with each other better.

Why dot biz? Isn’t that proletarian? (Thanks, Bill Schlegel!) Well, there aren’t many JETA-based domains left, and this one was the easiest to remember.

Why does that weird face icon appear next to my comments? It’s something I found in the settings that looks cool. It’s called a Gravatar, and it is generated based on your e-mail address. I figure I’ll leave them up until someone complains because I kind of like them.

You can get to the log in page by going to the Site Stuff menu above, and then Login. Then you can write and post comments. Don’t be afraid–it’s nearly impossible to break!

If you have a problem with your user name (you are Megan, not Meg; you work at EE, not MS) please drop an e-mail to You can change your own password on your profile page. (And you probably should–after writing so many, I started losing it a little bit.)

We hope you like this and work with us to make it even better! Join in!

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