JETA dot BIZness Back Issues

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2022 Jun JETZ BIZness 05-The Telegram Edition Stop Edition

2022 Apr JETA BIZness 04-The Page Six Edition II (Sorry for the Oct 2019 repeat we're running out of ideas Edition)

2022 Feb JETA BIZness 03-The Shortest Ever Edition

2021 Dec JETA BIZness 02-The Can't 2021 Just Get Over With It Edition

2021 Oct JETA Bizness 01-The Diving Right In Edition

2021 Jun JETA BIZness 05-The Let's Get This Over With Edition

2021 Apr JETA BIZness 04-The Four Percent Shorter Edition

2021 Feb JETA BIZness 03-There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel but It's Still Pretty Dark in Here Edition

2020 Dec JETA BIZness 02-The Grandma's Christmas Letter Edition

2020 Oct JETA BIZness 01-The Super-Scary Halloween Mask Edition

2020 Jun JETA BIZness 05-The We Came, We Saw, We Kicked 2020's A$$ Edition

2020 Apr JETA BIZness 04-The Everything is Normal but It's April Fool's Day Edition

2020 Feb JETA BIZness 03-The Advice Column Edition

2019 Dec JETA BIZness 02-The Hastily Thrown Together Before Christmas Break Edition

2019 Oct JETA BIZness 01-The Page 6 Edition

2019 Jun JETA BIZness 05-The Last Day Edition

2019 Apr JETA BIZness 04-The April is the Cruelest Month Edition

2019 Feb JETA BIZness 03-The Spring is Just Around the Corner Edition

2018 Dec JETA BIZness 02-The Extremely Holiday Edition

2018 Oct JETA BIZness 01-Throw it with your back issues of American Educator Edition

2018 May JETA BIZness 03-The Last Week of School Edition

2018 Mar JETA BIZness 02-The JANUS Issue Edition

2017 Oct JETA BIZness 01-The All Bullet Points Edition

2016 Nov JETA BIZness 02-The No One Came Up with a Better Name Edition

2016 Oct JETA BIZness 01-The Someone Come Up with a Better Name Edition